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    AOTO is Seeking for Global Business Partner

    In recent years, customers' high requirements on LED display effects accelerate the development of Mini LED technology. AOTO has been witnessed a big breakthrough in its exclusive Mini LED technology, which also achieved over 30 patents worldwide. Creating an international service platform is essential for AOTO to establish global localized service, and better delivery Mini LED's advantages and applications. Therefore, AOTO is looking for distribution collaboration partner to provide superior customer service globally.

Why choose AOTO?

As the first company that develops Mini LED technology, AOTO Electronics has started to invest huge funds and human resources on Mini LED technology R&D since 2012, and applied for patents in 2013. After several years' continuous effort and innovation, AOTO Mini LED already achieved mass production in 2018, which is far exceeds the industry average level with its unparalleled advantages.

How to be an AOTOer and how about the return?


1. Purchase at least one 2K 1.5mm Mini LED sample.

2. Basic abilities: distribution ability, localized after-sales service ability, payment function, certified engineer by AOTO

3. Have warehouse that can be used to stock inventory.


1. Showroom and demo support with special price.

2. Marketing supports, eg. Online promotion, exhibition, roadshow.

3. Training support.

4. Commission support.

5. Brand support to ensure sustainable development.

6. Global service support.

Contact Info

Regional Manager

Tel: +86-755-26983431

E-mail: [email protected]

More Information about Channel Development.

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