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AOTO CLD Series Mini LED Overview

AOTO CLD Series Mini LED Overview

The newly innovated AOTO Mini LED Series is characterized with smaller LED chips, more robust LED panel, greater air tightness and better optical design, which has solved problems of fragile fine pixel LED products, not repairable on-site and uniformity of surface black color of COB product. AOTO Mini LED has obtained over 30 patents worldwide.

With the CLD Series (Mini LED) we can achieve:

  • The extraordinary sharp and refined, sense the craftsmanship. High precision touch and millisecond response speed for a smooth interactive experience.

  • Ingenious and delicate. Well-designed "embedded" wall mount for a streamlined look and feel for the best viewing experience.

  • Ultimate details as directors intended. Innovative low-reflection screen, absorbing external light source to reduce reflection and soothe long-term viewing fatigue.

  • Clean cable solution for modern living. Carefully designed to match the simplicity of the screen, making the style unique.

  • Double back-up, stable and reliable, Intelligent data visual management. Support big data sharing and visualization, simplifying framework and enhancing management.

  • Outstanding image quality Leads the revolution of broadcasting industry. No moiré effects, standard SDI interface, support HLG, perfectly support real-time broadcasting.

  • Interactive communication to enhance the efficiency of decision-making. User-friendly interface, intelligent control, the superior resolution effectively reduces long time meeting fatigue.

  • Superior advertising effect can perfectly present various public information and brand communication. Promptly display public information, enhance the city image, highlight the brand connotation, and improve brand value.

  • Integrated structure design provides the brands with a high-end touch. Extraordinary color display effect, attract audiences' attention immediately, bringing an optimal viewing experience.

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