LED Display business is mainly operated by AOTO Electronics, AOTO Gtek and AOTO Sport.

AOTO delivers high quality products and superior service to its customers with the innovation and advanced technology. Based on leading technology and accurate understanding of customer needs, AOTO provides professional LED integrated solutions for transportation, sports, advertising, high-end rental, TV Studio, control room, digital media, landscape lighting and other industries. These solutions have been separately used in the world-famous airport and railway station, the world's top entertainment and sports events, advertising companies, world-renowned TV Studio, landmark buildings, control rooms, etc., creating business value for global customers.

AOTO Gtek is a holding subsidiary of AOTO Electronics, focusing on the creative LED display applications, and aiming to become an international brand of creative LED display. It creates the city landmark with the combination of innovation and technology, which highlights localized culture and makes customers’ dream come true.

As another subsidiary of AOTO Electronics, AOTO Sports is experienced in international sports business. It is an equipment standard maker for many international sports events. With the international and professional team and the global service network, it provides professional equipment and services for FIFA, FIBA, UEFA and China’s teams.

With the cultural value of ‘ make people’s life more brilliant and convenient’, AOTO promises the potential development of customers by its high quality and superior service.

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